Welcome to the portal of Smarter Networks. We have created our website to make it as easy as possible to find the information you are looking for. Please select below, whether you are a business or a private user and you will be taken to the appropriate area of our website. In case you have any questions for which you are not able to find the information on the website, you can contact us via phone or email. Our team is always happy to be of service. Thank you for choosing Smarter Networks.
Smarter Networks, to the point .....

Our business is implementing dynamic and flexible solutions in your company, that will enable your company to save time, lower cost groups and assure that your employees will have the tools to be more productive in their working environment.

Your wishes and requests are always the primary concern of our professionals when they are designing a solution that meets your needs.

Our service is based upon knowledge, experience, cooperation with our customers, listening to the needs of our customers and more then 25 years of experience within the IT

Look no further when you need a reliable partner for your ICT.

Together we will make IT Happen !
Smarter Networks, professional solutions for your home

Smarter Networks is your professional partner for everyone that enjoys a secure, stable and fast home network, which will allow you to seamlessly stream video's, music, movies, pictures and downloads over your wired or wireless home network and that will give you the benefits of business quality hardware and solutions that most companies are not able to offer you for your home and private network.

Smarter Networks is specialized to help you with any demands you might have for your home network, from simple cost effective solutions, to high performance solutions that will offer you the best speeds, quality and enjoyment in your livingroom.

Look no further when you need a reliable partner for any and all your IT needs in your home.

Managing your home network has never been easier !